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Welcome Friends!

Hi, I'm Tanya!  

I help women learn how to lose 50 pounds or more - and keep it off for life! 

I use a well-formulated ketogenic diet and mindset tools to assist in supporting  BIG weight loss goals!

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I know what it's like to think that lasting weight loss is simply not in the cards.

For a long time - I thought that said something about me.  I did not have enough willpower.  I wasn't strong enough.  

Eventually I learned that most of what I had been taught about weight loss was wrong. 

This is why I know that I can help you!

I coach women: 

1. To fuel their bodies in a way that will support their overall health and help them lose weight sustainably.  

2. And, help them navigate the lovely world of mindset - so they can take charge of their health, confidently.  


Bite-Size Keto Course

Certifications & Education

I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & certified Ketogenic and Carnivore Health Coach!

I also have a Bachelor of Science in Individualized Studies - focusing on social work and education.


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