Bite-Size Keto 


What if you didn't have to worry about WHEN or IF you would finally lose weight?  

What if I told you that most of what you have been told about weight loss is likely WRONG?

Let that sink in for a minute.

That means...there is nothing wrong with  YOU.  

That means that you have just been given bad advice.

This is exactly why I created the Bite-Size Keto Course! 

It is  designed to give you the information you need to get started NOW, so you don't have to wait until SOMEDAY.  

I'm in - Purchase Now!
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Do you feel like you've tried everything out there to lose weight? 

Tell me if this sounds like you: 

You have tried all of the diets, shakes, supplements and exercise programs out there. 

You have taken all of the advice, including "eat less, move more," and "everything" in moderation. 

You're frustrated because it seems like weight loss is just not in the cards for you. 

You wish you could be like her.  The woman who has figured out how to lose the weight and keep it off.


What if there was a way to lose the weight and keep it off forever?  Yes, even for YOU! 


Girl - I've got GOOD news for you! 

That is exactly why I created Bite-Size Keto.  I want to help you kickstart your weight loss, by offering up bite-size nuggets of info, so that you can get start losing body fat, fast! 

Does that sound good to you?  Click the button now and let's get started.  

In just 21 days or less you will start seeing and feeling results, your jeans might even start feeling a little loose.  You will not need to spend hours learning the ins and outs - as this is why I created Bite-Size Keto - to give you the  info you need quickly! 

The best part - it is only $47 $11!

But - if you want this offer - make sure to act soon.  

As, it will be going away after December 15th, 11:59pm MST 

When the door opens again - the price might increase! 



Bite-Size Keto 

The course to jumpstart your weight loss within 21 days - one bite at a time.  


This course will give you the clarity you need to feel comfortable starting your ketogenic adventure by supplying you with the basic foundational information - without causing you to spend hours upon hours listening. 


This course will help you feel confident in your new lifestyle by giving you the tools to navigate meal planning, family gatherings and friend outings.  

Cravings Control

This course will supply you with tools to figure out if you are having cravings or actual hunger and an easy-to-implement plan to assist you in building a healthy relationship with yourself around food.  


How would your life be different if...


You learned how to lose weight and keep it off, for life?


Right now you are struggling to believe that weight loss is in the cards for you.  

You have tried what seems like all the things and you are losing faith that there really is an answer for you. have decided that weight loss is just not something your body was built to do.  

GIRL...I was you a few years ago. 


Imagine if 21 days from now, you were able to say: 

"I'm doing this." 

You feel confident that weight loss can happen and that you can keep the weight off this time. 

That perhaps your energy is improving and your brain feels clearer than it has in years?  



Hi!  I'm Tanya!  

I am a certified keto and carnivore health coach and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.   

I enjoy travel, reading and making nutritious food for my family and friends.

I created Tanya Rae Wellness because I had struggled with my weight most of my adult life.  

I could lose weight, but I was never able to keep it off.  Soon, I would magically gain all of the weight back and then some. 

I turned to keto as a last ditch effort and I have not looked back since.  Through my experience, I decided to further my education in nutrition and weight loss, so that I can help other women achieve their weight loss goals. 

Bite-Size Keto was created with this in mind.  It is designed make keto simple and sustainable so that you can get started today! 

Learn how I successfully lost 135 pounds (61 kg) and have kept it off! 

Hope to see you, inside! 

Xx Tanya Rae

Tell me all the things...

Still need to know exactly what you are getting with Bite-Size Keto?  

I totally get it!  With Bite-Size Keto, you get: 

1. A three module course, that is video-based instruction.  It will give you quick information so that you don't have to spend all of your precious time learning and you can start doing! 

2. Unlimited e-mail support with me, Tanya Rae, for the first 30 days!  

3. Lifetime access to the course, which includes immediate access to future updates or added content! 

4. The Bite-Size Keto worksheets provide you with helpful tools and reinforcing activities to help you stay on track and achieve success.  

5. Plus...BONUSES! 

Module 1:  Clarity 

Here you will learn all the basic information and terms that come along with your new keto way-of-eating.   

You will learn how to calculate macros and whether or not it is important for you to do so.  

You will learn what to expect when you start keto and how to combat keto flu.  

Module 2: Confidence 

Here you will learn my exact plan for your clean keto 21 day challenge.  

You will learn my proven method of how to easily plan and balance, simple meals.  

Module 3: Cravings Control 

Let's face it - cravings happen to all of us.   

In this module you will begin to learn how to build a trusting relationship with yourself around food.  

You will learn techniques to determine whether you are actually hungry are just craving and how to learn to trust yourself.  

 Plus, these BONUSES! 

Personally calculated macros by Tanya Rae! 


The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Nutrition Labels! 


  • Bite-Size Keto w/ Worksheets  - Valued at $197
  • BONUS Personal Macros - Valued at $37 
  • BONUS - The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Nutrition Labels - Valued at $27 
    $197 + $37 + $27 =  $261
  • Your Price - $11

  •  That's a savings of $250

BITE-SIZE KETO is for you, if:  


You are interested in learning how a clean ketogenic lifestyle can aid in your weight loss. 


You have already tried dirty or lazy keto, or any type of keto, and you are looking to accelerate your results. 


You feel like you have tried every other way to lose weight and nothing seems to work, or last.   

I've Gotta Have This!

Linda W. 

I did Tanya's 21 Day Live Challenge and I never felt better! 

I had been eating keto before, but this challenge helped me feel accountable and get myself back on track!   

Whenever I feel like I'm going off track, I challenge myself for another 21 days.  Because, 21 days is nothing!  

It is just long enough to remind me why I eat this way in the first place - and how good it feels. 


- About my Live 21 Day Challenges that BITE-SIZE KETO is based upon! 



Questions or Concerns? 


Contact me at [email protected] 

Please allow up to 24 hours for response, due to high volume of e-mail requests per day!  

Refund Policy: 

Due to the digital nature of this product, Tanya Rae Wellness does not offer refunds on Bite-Size Keto.  

What happens when I purchase?


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Step 3: You will be able to access Bite-Size Keto as soon as you get your log-in info.  (It can take up to 15 minutes).  
You will have lifetime access to the course and you will automatically get any updates that are made to the course. 


If you do not see any information in your inbox from Tanya Rae Wellness ([email protected]), please check your junk mail/spam folder!   Contact me for any questions or concerns! 

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Learn to jumpstart your keto weight less within 21 days - one bite at a time. 

What if you never had to worry about losing weight (or keeping it off) again?  

With Bite-Size Keto the 21 Day Clean Keto Course, there is no need to worry.  

This course is designed to take the guesswork out of keto for weight loss and jumpstart your weight loss success story. 


I sincerely hope to see you, inside.