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I can’t wait to help you achieve a more joyful & balanced life; aligned with purpose.

Hi, I'm Tanya. A holistic healer; Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Reiki Master.

Over the years I have struggled with my weight, mental and emotional health & energy issues.  

I fell into holistic nutritionist, when I learned how to control my own weight, through low carb eating.  And, it really worked!  For a few years.  

I still believe that low carb, whole food eating is healthy for most people; including myself.  

But, the truth is a lot of stress and uncertainty entered my life again.  Old habits creeped in, but what was more was that I just noticed that as far as maintaining weight went, nothing seemed to help. 

My weight was climbing again, for about the 3rd time in my adult life, and while I understood what was happening from a holistic perspective - it just didn't make sense.  

I understood how stress alone can cause weight gain, but it didn't explain how rapidly the weight was being put on. 

And, then I realized something. It wasn't about the food I was eating, or that on paper I was doing everything, "right." 

I hadn't learned the lesson that being overweight was meant to teach me.  LOVE MYSELF.  

To love myself, even if I was overweight.  Love myself, even if I was taller, bigger, louder, whatever-er than those around me.  To love myself, unconditionally. 

When I realized this was the ultimate goal, the reason I'm here, the reason that we are all here....everything changed.  

I wasn't immediately transported to a bright, sparkly place where unicorns roam; somewhere over the rainbow.  

I have good days and bad days, when it comes to self-love.   But, it does get easier. 

This is why I started focusing on helping others love themselves more as well.  

Because, the relationship with oneself is what determines the relationship with others.  It determines how successful you are at manifesting WHAT YOU WANT.  And, it determines your level of enjoyment in life.  It is even the key to living in balance and aligned with your purpose.

xx Tanya Rae 

Whether you are a bit "woo," like me, or you are just looking for something to help assist you in up leveling your holistic healing - this modality is for you. 

-Tanya Rae (on Reiki) 

My Reiki Story

I had been working on my healing journey and with holistic nutrition for about 3 years, when I discovered Reiki. 

It's not entirely uncommon for holistic nutritionists to stumble upon energy healing as a way to support their clients further.  

But, to be honest I had no idea what Reiki or energy healing was. 

The things that I did know were: 

1. My healing progress had started to feel like it was going in reverse.  

2.  I was struggling to be in public and feel good.  I had constant headaches, felt as though I was literally carrying 100 pounds of extra weight and I just didn't feel good being around many other people. 

I thought that I was having a serious case of social anxiety.  But, that did not feel quite like what was going on either.  

I couldn't explain it to anyone, but in the back of my head, I kept hearing myself say - "Reiki, Reiki, Reiki."

Like I said, I was well aware of friends who had dabbled in energy work.  Many of us are constantly seeking more ways to help ourselves and our clients heal naturally.  

But...I still had no idea what Reiki really was.  I did have the idea that the reason I felt yucky in public was because I was picking up energy from other people.  

For me, it didn't feel like emotion.  For other empaths, it does.  It was more just heaviness.  I felt like a slug.  Some days I felt like I was dying.  

I didn't listen to the call for Reiki right away. I had heard some things through the grapevine that made me nervous.  Like, that I could give away all of my energy if I was working on another person.  Or, I could pick up negative energy from others or the Practitioner working in my energy field. 

With Reiki, none of that is true, by the way. :) 

Eventually, I had had enough of feeling as though I couldn't be social or even run to the grocery store.  

So, I said to the Universe or whoever I thought was listening - If Reiki is what is meant to help me, send me a Reiki Master that I trust.

I was really afraid to study Reiki from just anyone, because, I still didn't know that Reiki can NEVER hurt or harm another person.  I didn't know that it was such a gentle and intuitive modality, that can only ever help. 

A day or two after I pleaded with the Universe, my prayers were answered.  I overheard a friend say that she would be teaching Reiki I. and II. certification the following weekend.  

I knew that was my sign to jump in, so I signed up then and there. 

I never thought I would use Reiki in my business.  My intention was only to support myself, so I could show up as my best for my clients and everyone else in my life.  

As I learned about this modality, and how it is truly the birth right of every human.

And as I saw improvements in my own mood, focus, weight, energy levels and ability to live in flow; I realized that I wanted to scream about the beauty of Reiki from the rooftops

It's not that there are not a million Reiki Practitioners and Master Teachers out there, but I wanted to make sure that I made learning about Reiki accessible for those who are like me. 

The people who don't really know what Reiki is, but they are ready to try anything for a bit of relief or extra support in their healing journey.   

Or maybe you have experienced Reiki, and you are ready for the next step, becoming attuned to the energy and obtaining certification as a practitioner.  I'm here for it all. 

Reiki is every human's birth right, and I want everyone who has an interest to experience it or learn about it.  

Whether you are a bit "woo," like me; or you are just looking for something to help assist you in up leveling your holistic healing - this modality is for you.

xx Tanya Rae


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My Methods

Find inner peace and live a more balanced life.

After years of struggling with stress and lack of self-confidence/self-love, I decided to take control of my life and heal my body from the inside out. Now I use the same powerful techniques to help others find inner peace.

My method for living a more peaceful life is simple and easy to follow. It combines everything you need to align the body and the mind for total balance. So, that you can live your purpose. :) 

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