The following products and services are recommended by Tanya Rae Wellness.  We never recommend products or services that we do not trust or use in our own home.  

Craig & Maria Emmerich's Keto Course 

This course offers up the scientific information regarding the ketogenic diet. It also offers some information on how to get started.  It includes some information on what to do with stalling.  

Keto Course

Craig and Maria Emmerich's Carnivore Course

This course provides the science behind the carnivore diet.  If you have ever really wondered about how you can live without plants or why you might want to - this is a great course to answer all of those questions! 

Or...purchase the VIP Keto & Carnivore Combo Course! 

Lifetime Access Carnivore Course

Craig & Maria Emmerich's VIP Keto & Carnivore Course Combo

Want to learn about the science behind both the ketogenic and carnivore lifestyles.  This package will help prepare you to get started as well as provide you with 8 weekly webinars.  


VIP Combo Course

Keto-Adapted Coach Certification 

Do you want to become a ketogenic or carnivore health coach?  This is the program that I went through to become certified!  It is a 12-week program with weekly coach support calls and of course the keto and carnivore coaching certification courses that are designed to be done at-your-own-pace.   

Keto Coach Certification website hosting

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Tanya Rae Wellness is hosted on Kajabi.  This platform seamlessly connects all the things - including, e-mail lists, PayPal/Stripe and even provides a space for your to build your own community!  

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Kajabi 28-Day Trial